Create Your Own Nursery

People love to plant their own plants, but growing them from a seed is difficult for many. If you can do this well and on a regular basis, you can sell your plants so others can buy them and plant them at their home or business. If you have no trouble starting plants from seeds this is a ‘business idea’ just for you.

All you will need is enough room to start many plants from seed, soil, small containers to start the seeds in and a green thumb. It is surprising how many people there are that have no idea how to start plants successfully from seeds. They are so used to buying them as small plant lings.

Before you decide which kinds of plant seeds to start growing, check your local nurseries and hardware stores to see what they are selling. They tend to carry the most popular plants lings that they know will sell well. Remember too, that many people prefer to buy organic plants now in organic soil and that have no pesticides or chemicals on them. These tend to sell for a little more also.

Don’t be afraid to start some unusual varieties of plants too, especially when it is planting time for vegetable gardens in the spring. Most people prefer growing what they like to eat often, so carry the typical salad types of vegetables and summer vegetables also. Don’t shy away from carrying flowers also, these are very popular year around in many areas that have mild climates year around.

Don’t hesitate to carry; houseplants, vegetables, fruit, bushes and trees. The more variety you have room for, the more that you will be able to sell. Often customers will come to buy one thing and leave with many other plants they hadn’t planned to buy. Especially if you offer exotic and hard-to-find plants, other businesses don’t offer.

It would be a good idea to carry a variety of pots, planting tools, gardening gloves, organic and regular soils, and pesticides, both natural and conventional, for your customers too. This will keep them buying only from you.

Make sure that you are able to help your customers with advice too. I know I prefer Nurseries that have notebooks that provide loads of information on all of the plants they choose to carry. It would be a good idea to offer flyers on all of the different plants you sell too, just include a sheet with information for each plant they choose to buy from you. These types of extra’s will be appreciated by your customers and they will choose to do business with you instead of a nursery that doesn’t offer extra help.

Make sure that you are very careful about labeling all of your seed’s pots also, this way you won’t get them mixed together, so that it makes it hard to tell what each plant is. Since small children like to pull out the stakes that are typically inserted in with these small plants, you might attach a more permanent sticker to each pot. Encourage your customers to plant small stakes with labels in their gardens too.

When you buy your pots to put seeds in to start them, make sure you find a wholesale source for them since you will need to buy them in bulk; this will help you make more profit in the end. You can even find organic containers now to plant seeds in that bio-degrade with time. You can plant the whole pot right into the ground or into a larger container. This makes it easier for the plants, so that they don’t have to be pulled out of the container when replanting. This causes less shock to the plants and helps with the success of transplanting after purchasing.

Let all of your friends know that you have these seedlings to sell, and leave flyers at your local grocery stores, post office, and any other bulletin boards that you may have access to. You might also visit your local health food stores and see if they would like to sell your organic plants, if you choose to sell them. They may be very happy to sell your plants to their customers, because you are offering organic plants.